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Stellar We Are was formed in 2010 by Farukh...
Young and ambitious band, Stellar We Are, with determination and idea behind their sound, came to life in December 2010.
Formed, fronted and produced by Farukh, Stellar We Are, acquired heavy, intensive sound with melodic elements of multi-instrumental experimentation. Child of the riot mind, Stellar We Are utilizes controversial and aggressive meaning in their lyrics.

Farukh: "I had a dream one night. I was walking inside of the dark warehouse and found a dusty guitar. It was on the floor, graciously sitting on the stand. There was a spot light right on it from the moon light. The moonlight made it clearly visible amongst the darkness of the warehouse. I walked to it, picked it up and strummed it once. Not only it sounded beautifully, but it also made me feel calm and relieved. At that time I was going through some rough time, so relieve (even inside of the dream) was a pleasant moment. After that dream, I saved up some money and bought my very first guitar.”

“My music is the expression of my values and principles. Every single song that I wrote is relevant to me in so way. I am truly thankful for this ability to write music.”